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Dreamweaver Bootstrap Responsive Dropdown Menus

Dreamweaver Bootstrap Responsive Dropdown Menus? Well, for you CSS3 coders that have been pulling your hair out since 2013, the official year of “Responsive Web Design,” figuring out how to make CSS3 dropdown menus, this might be a real treat.

Dreamweaver Bootstrap Responsive Dropdown Menus

Bootstrap Responsive Dropdown Menus is quick and easy and Adobe Dreamweaver gives you plenty of help with prebuilt code to get you running in the right direction.

Before there were  Bootstrap Responsive Dropdown Menus, I remember taking hours to write the CSS for the menu itself. Then it would take hours to write the code for the dropdown menu segment. Then it would take hours to make a totally separate menu that was hidden until the web visitor arrived at the tablet or phone screen size to see my clickable dropdown just for the phone.

Before Bootstrap Responsive Dropdown Menus, Google made it kind of tough on people that had done nothing to prepare for Responsive web design and added a little penalty should their site not be responsive.

Thus far we have shared many different options for the navigation bar of our page. Now we will use some Dreamweaver Bootstrap Responsive Dropdown Menus Snippet code to get us started in making our Dropdown menu.

I have had many people that are taking “Online Web Design Classes,” contacting me because they are totally lost. For many of them, their instructor are taking them right into Dreamweaver and then right into Bootstrap. The students have no idea what CSS3 is at all and they are totally lost. What kind of school is that. These people are paying thousands of dollars to learn the wrong way.

Bootstrap is great, but it´s all CSS and Javascript and one might take a good look at our CSS Must Know section before you get real deep into our Bootstrap videos.

Anyway, enjoy viewing, “Bootstrap Responsive Dropdown Menus.”

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