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Free CSS Lists

Dreamweaver Images in CSS ListClients set up sessions with me all of the time for CSS help with lists. With everyone just using CSS day in and day out to control their layout, the list is everywhere, and everything. Here is a review of one the oldest and best places to start, understand and use Free CSS Lists.

If you look at a basic Html list, one would think, “What’s the Big Deal?” In the basic html format, they are just indented text with a little black dot on the left. But of course, once you see it manipulated adding links, text, images, videos, paragraphs, custom bullet points and more, then the list becomes truly magical. It’s like the Princess kissing a frog.  Anyway, just review the video and you will find out where to find Free CSS Lists

People just getting started in web design always ask for CSS help with lists. Once they get started creating, they just can’t stop.

Enjoy viewing, “CSS Help with Lists.”