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Dreamweaver Horizontal CSS Lists

Dreamweaver Horizontal CSS ListsNow we will work with Dreamweaver Horizontal CSS Lists. 

When I first started working with lists, I made a really cool vertical list with a width and height, a separation below each list item, a background and a border for each item, put a link in each one, a hover effect over the rectangular area as well as the text link in each one. I was so proud.

Then a client asked me about controlling horizontal lists with CSS. Oh, I was just so knowledgeable that I was eager to show them the way. MAY DAY,,,,,,, MAY DAY WILL ROBINSON!!!!!

How can just one word, ruin everything. Vertical, Horizontal. My world was shattered. Terrible things happened.

Dreamweaver Horizontal CSS ListsControlling a horizontal lists with CSS has a whole different set of rules than the vertical lists do. Trust me.

So, before you stay up all night trying to figure it out on your own, check out, “Controlling Horizontal Lists with CSS.”

Horizontal list are so cool because with Horizontal list, many times you want to have drop down menus.  That is where the Vertical list comes back to life.  Also with horizontal list, and as you saw with vertical list you can have background colors for the UL, the list itself as well as background colors for the list item, the LI tag.  In this video, “Dreamweaver Horizontal CSS Lists,” we will get you going on this new path.  I have many html, css, php sites as well as WordPress sites.  Using CSS in WordPress is great.  I write my code in Dreamweaver and then copy and paste it into WordPress.  What I like about Dreamweaver is it lets you know if you have written bad code.   It doesn’t let you waste your time.

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