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Dreamweaver Html5 Rollover Images

Dreamweaver Html5 Rollover ImagesNot to burst your bubble, but to my knowledge, there is no such thing as an html5 rollover image. To make what I call Dreamweaver HTML5 Rollover Images, Dreamweaver or the people at Adobe, use JavaScript to make it happen. But, so what? It´s fun, it´s easy and it´s cool. Especially if you are weak on your JavaScript and/or CSS skills. This is one thing that is all about click, click, you´re done, in Dreamweaver.

I used to teach Dreamweaver HTML5 Rollover Images to corporate designers in downtown San Francisco and it never failed. Even the boring, drip types would go ohhhhhh,,, ahhhhhh….

Creating Dreamweaver HTML5 Rollover Images, is easy, quick and quite rewarding. In real life, I prefer to use CSS hover rollovers. It’s also easy, quick and rewarding, but you need to know a tiny bit of CSS to get it done. I have that in another video here.

Anyway, call your friends and family, gather them all together at your favorite sports bar and share with them how to make Dreamweaver HTML5 Rollover Images (that are really made with JavaScript, they´ll never know).

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