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Dreamweaver Teacher

Thanks Bill,

I looked all over for a personal, Dreamweaver Teacher. And then I found you. The CSS that we covered was excellent. And you watching me and guiding me as I wrote the code was very helpful and kept my interest for the entire session. I must say, the best part is watching and listening to the video tape of the session, going back to parts I couldn´t quite remember. That´s priceless.

Oakland, CA

Dreamweaver Teacher

Hi, I’m Bill the Geek. I’m a one on one, Web Design Tutor/Teacher/Consultant. Because many of my clients own or are learning Adobe Dreamweaver, over the last 10 years I´ve become an Adobe Dreamweaver Teacher. I also teach and use CSS, html, html5, one line of PHP that will change your life, Actionscript 1-2-3, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I know and use each of the products everyday.

My clients take classes with me and save the video recording so that they can remember everything forever.

I only teach what I know in and out. I use Word every day, but I could never teach it because I only know enough to type and do spell check. That wouldn´t help too many people.

I use and teach Adobe Dreamweaver CC (and older versions of Adobe Dreamweaver) every single day.

Dreamweaver TeacherAs an Adobe Dreamweaver Teacher I understand the built in tools that Adobe Dreamweaver has to offer. File organization, defining sites, upload to the server, download from the server, insert object menus for tables, divs, images, videos and other things, the find and replace functions, live view and inspect element, all those things.

The reality is that when you really want to be in control of your web site or be in control of a site you are building for a client, one is greatly assisted if one understands how CSS, html5, one line of Php and SEO all come together.

As a Dreamweaver Teacher, these are the concepts I share with my clients.

I share time with my clients in many different ways. Most of the time, my clients are in a real bad situation and they need an immediate fix. I run into this often.

Some times I run into a client that wants to learn web design, and they want to use Adobe Dreamweaver as their tool. And more so, this client wants to learn web design from the ground up, building a solid foundation of skills that will last in their minds forever. This is a very special client and they will go far with the skills I can share with them. They may be a web designer entering this world of All Things Web, or they may be a small business owner that wants to take over control of their business window to the world.

Many clients want to use Dreamweaver’s short cuts that involve minimal code skills. Some want to understand the code. I work with you in the fashion that is best for you.

What Do I like About Dreamweaver

I like Dreamweaver because I can build or edit any type of Website using the Dreamweaver tools. I have edited Joomla, WordPress, PhP , Flash and html based sites. With each of these site situations the key is understanding CSS and HTML5. I can´t say this enough. If one is going to work on many sites, one must be able to look at code and be able to make the changes in their sleep.

People That Don´t Want to Learn Code.

I have no problem with that. You don´t have to know code to use Dreamweaver (though a little tiny bit of understanding will be quite useful).

The most important thing about a web site is, “Do people want the information on the site.” That is the key factor.

Look at Craigslist. That is one of the most basic, ugly sites on the internet. Craigslist get millions of hits everyday as ugly as it is. Look at Reddit ( I only came upon them myself a couple of months ago). Reddit is uglier than Craigslist and it get thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of hits a day.

Can You Learn Web Design with Me Without Dreamweaver.

Than answer is a definite YES! There are thousands of free code web builders out there for free. Their are thousands of tools out there that will upload and download your files to the server. There are scores of browsers out there that have the CSS Live View and Inspect Element tools built in for free.

Though I am a Dreamweaver Teacher, it´s all web stuff, and I can show you how to get up and running in a matter of hours no matter what tools you want to use.

How do Classes (one on one sessions) work.

I have clients all of the world. I only speak English fluently. For you and I to get together, we set and appointment (many times, people call me at the last minute to see if we can do it immediately, Jiffy Lube style).

You click a link. That takes you into Gotomeeting.com. You click a link in GotoMeeting.com and then you can see my Dreamweaver, images, code and panels. We have FM quality sound. It´s like we are sitting side by side in the same room. We don´t see each other, just the stuff that is important, the application.

I can only see your computer if you allow me to. You click a button and say, “It´s ok for Bill the Geek to see my desktop!” Only then can I see your stuff.

Let´s Do It!

Let´s start changing your life in a positive fashion today. Let´s learning something new that will help you be a better person today. Contact me and let´s get started moving you on to that promotion, that new job, that new web client, finishing that college web class project, or editing your own small business site.

Click Here to begin your special journey, or call 415 839 0096. Most likely, I´m in my cave right now.

I’m Bill the Geek, at your service, a Dreamweaver Teacher.


You´re the best. Your Adobe Dreamweaver CC Video Tutorial videos in conjunction with your live, one on one sessions helped me get in control of my businesses web site. Now, I can make changes and upload to the server whenever I want and I’m saving so much money. I´m sending friends your way.


Hey Geeky Bill,

No one would teach me tables to build my site. I told you that I just wanted to know the basic way to make a site. I told you,,,,,REAL BASIC!!! And you showed me, step by step. I´m just selling trackters. All I needed was some words and pictures. And you you taught me about SEO put me at the top of Google on Page 1. I´m buying a new car!!! You´re a damn good Adobe Dreamweaver Teacher

Jimmy Lee,
Canal Winchester, OH

Hi Bill,

You told me that one line of PHP would change my life. And it did. I´ve worked on my business site for years, and with 200 pages, making universal changes was a pain in the ass. Now, with that one line of code you showed me, I can manage my site better than my friends that have WordPress. And thank you so much for the video recordings of the sessions. I paid $750.00 for a class I went to. Didn´t learn anything, and I left with a brochure. Everyone that needs help should have a Dreamweaver Teacher like you.

Orlando, FL