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Dreamweaver Vertical CSS List

Dreamweaver Vertical CSS ListDreamweaver Vertical CSS List are pretty straight forward.  Almost every menu you see across the top of a web page is a CSS vertical list.  We are going to make many Dreamweaver Vertical CSS List as we move ahead with these videos.  You may want to take a look at our videos on padding and margins in CSS before we move ahead, or just watch the videos and perhaps you will become more familiar with these concepts as we move forward.

The fun of Dreamweaver Vertical CSS List is positioning the list itself.  How much space with be above it?  How much space with be below it?  How much space will be on the left or right?  Will the list be centered?  And the text, what font will we use?  What about the bullets?  We never want the bullets. No, No, No, never.  And, I bet that this vertical list will be made up of links.  Oh my.  I bet we want these links to be a different color than the other links in our page.  How do we do that.  And what about rollover effects, the “Hover,” state.  How do we take care of that?

The really funny thing is that everything you will use to create and control vertical list is totally different than when you make horizontal list.  When I first got into list, I played with a bunch of vertical list and made them do some really cool things.  I was so happy, so confident.  Then I decided to move ahead with my confidence on to horizontal list.  Ut Oh!  Nothing worked over there in the land of the horizontal list.  But we will get to that.  So get your code editor ready, maybe it’s Dreamweaver, maybe not, but code is code.  Get your editor and let’s move on to the Vertical CSS List.