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Edit a QR Code with Adobe Illustrator

Edit a QR Code with Adobe IllustratorYes, you can Edit a QR Code with Adobe Illustrator. QR Codes are the rave. But they are so Edit a QR Code with Adobe Illustratorbland an unbecoming. The fact of the matter is, you can make them look about any way you want them to. Some of my clients have asked me, “Can You Edit a QR Code Image with Adobe Illustrator?” The Answer is yes.

There are many steps involved. I would say there are about five to 8 steps. I guess that is not too many. You will have to experiment. Download a QR Scanner for your phone and just test as you go.

There are many reasons to Edit QR Code Image with Adobe Illustrator. First of all, most of the QR generators, generate an image file. Of course the image file is created in pixels so if you start moving the pixels around, you can get heavy distortion, meaning the code will not longer work.

Below is the QR Code that will take you to Sillybilly.com.

Edit a QR Code with Adobe Illustrator

Of course with the all powerful VECTOR system, you can create an itsy, bitsy object for a business card, restaurant menu, or brochure, and then blow it up and put it on the side of the Moon and there is not distortion. I really don´t believe that Coke or Pepsi, or Lady Gaga hasn´t done this yet, maybe Oprah will.

Some of my clients were paying $350 dollars a month to subscribe to QR generating services. When the client wanted to redirect the code, they had to use the service to make the correction. By editing there own QR codes in Adobe Illustrator they discontinued this very costly expense and pocketed that money for themselves.

So, here’s a handy dandy money saving and money making video for those of you that are creative and want to give your clients a snazzy QR code that is Way Cool.

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