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Facebook Ad Photoshop Grid Download Video

Facebook Ad Photoshop Grid Download VideoThe is the, “Facebook Ad Photoshop Grid Download Video.” That’s what it is. But with the video on how to make Facebook ads using Photoshop, I have included a free grid so that you can watch the video and use the grid as a template forever and forever. It’s yours to have, use and make millions of dollars.

That’s why I made this video, “Facebook Ad Photoshop Grid Download Video.”

Facebook is really funny about its ads. I make a lot of ads to help Amazon romance writers sell their books. Facebook doesn’t care how many words you have in an ad, but it does care about how much of the ad is filled with space. You can only fill a Facebook Ad Photoshop Grid Download Videocertain percentage of the total ad with text. It’s actually very stupid on Facebook’s part. But we all know that Facebook doesn’t care about people at all, they just want your data so that they can make billion’s of more dollars.

I’ve put thousands of ads on Facebook for authors. Many of these authors have me do there book cover designs also. It’s fun doing book design, especially for romance novels and short stories.

Authors pay me a lot of many. Usually about $200 to $600.00 for one cover. What the heck? If I was them, I would learn to use Photoshop. It’s not really that hard and it doesn’t take that much time to make a book cover. All you do is buy a membership to a photo web site. Go to that site and search for images of sexy people. Then you cut the sexy people out of their existing images that you purchased and put them on a background that you purchased, and then you put on the title, and that’s it.

I’ve trained many authors how to do this. It just takes a couple of hours of sessions with me, one on one. I’m surprised at how well these authors do just after a couple of sessions. They are happy just to save hundreds of dollars, and they tell me they save a lot of time too.

Once I teach them how to make their own book covers, then they make their own Facebook ads. They tell me that making the ads and the covers is more fun that writing the books.


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