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Learn Web Design the right way from Bill the Geek with our 200 plus, “GoToMeeting Web Design Tutor.” video tutorials.  You can watch the videos or take a private class, or both.

You can call me at 415 839 0096, or you can click the contact button above and send me an email with your questions and concerns.

As I said above, we can do private one on one sessions, or, you can watch these more than 200 videos to get you on the way to learning what you want to learn.

Hi. I’m Bill the Geek. Welcome to my collection of “GoToMeeting Web Design Tutor.” video tutorials. My main site is Sillybilly.com. Sillybilly.com is one of the oldest web sites on the internet and was investigated by the FBI along with Disney back in 1996 because the FBI wanted to know what the internet was all about.

The Web Design Tutor. video tutorials that I have put together come from years of hands on, stay up all night pulling your hair out, years of first hand experience.

These “Web Design Tutor.” video tutorials were not created by a major corporation with sales people trying to put their kids through Harvard ( though I am a Dartmouth College Graduate with a Masters Degree from The Ohio State University). I’m just a guy that learned web design the hard way writing html in note pad before Facebook was a thought.

I have taught web design to tens of thousands of people, many times one on one. I have taught web design to the top corporate designers at The Gap, Citi Group, Wells Fargo, Old Navy, Visa and even MacroMedia.

These Video Tutorials are here to help you get started in the world that I love, the world of writing code and watching the beauty of Art, spew out of your mind, into code and images and then presented to millions and billions all over the planet.

I have created these “Web Design Tutor.” video tutorials because I use and teach web design every day.

I have created these  VideoTutorials because for me, it’s lots of fun and I have been doing it since 1996.

GoToMeeting Web Design Tutor