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GotoMeeting WordPress Tutor with Videos

Hello.  Welcome to the GotoMeeting WordPress Tutor with Videos page of Bill the Geek.  In this segment of our WordPress Video Tutorials, we introduce the major concepts that work with WordPress. Menus, Widgets, Plugins, Sidebars and stuff like that. I concepts are easy, but a firm understanding of what does what can save you hours of frustration and time.

Getting Started

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In our GotoMeeting WordPress Tutor with Videos, we want to clear the fog right up front and answer the question, “What is WordPress?”

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The following set of GotoMeeting WordPress Tutor with Videos set the basics straight. When you begin creating a WordPress website, it really helps if you understand the four vital components that make WordPress the awesome web tool that it has become.

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When you are creating a WordPress Website, you are going to work with a WordPress Theme. I have seen many clients and students of mine pick the wrong theme right at the very beginning.

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Your website is the face of your presentation.  When creating a WordPress website there are many choices to be made for any one theme you might decide upon.  Cover these issues up front. When you are viewing these GotoMeeting WordPress Tutor with Videos, you will begin to understand why experimenting with a newly selected theme can save you lots of time. Especially if you decide the theme is not what you thought it to be.

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Choosing a Theme and Selecting a Theme are two different things.  Slow and careful consideration up front when you are thinking about creating your WordPress Website will save you lots of time and money.

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Before we go there and talk about Plugins, Widgets and Menus, we need to look at the WordPress Dashboard. The WordPress Dashboard is the driver seat, the remote control, the table of contents, that puts you behind the wheel when creating your WordPress website.

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Creating Menus with links to pages and posts is so easy that at the beginning, it is hard to understand. In these WordPress Video Tutorials, you will learn to love the ease of menu editing, construction, presentation and flexability.

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Plugins make the WordPress World go round. Yes they do. In these WordPress Video Tutorials, you will see how to select plugins that will work well for your site.

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In the beginning, plugins and widgets can be confusing as to which one does what. These WordPress Video Tutorials with share with you the difference between the two.

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Actually, knowing How to Make a WordPress Child Theme is very important and can save you lots of time and lots of money.

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The nuts and bolts. As you go into creating a WordPress website, you want to open your themes style.css file and see if there are any special instructions for child themes.

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For me personally, it all comes down to SEO, Search Engine Optimization. Can people find my pages on Google. Can they find me easily on Google and am I on page one of Google for the pages I feel will help my pages be found?

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You really want to know this before you save your first Page or Post.  I’m Serious! If you do not address this issue at the very beginning of creating a WordPress website, it can take you months to get out of a not so good situation. The upfront fix takes 30 seconds.

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If you are for real about your website, You want to think ahead about how will people find you on the internet.  Brief and to the point, SEO First.

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By default, Your Blog is your home page.   Is that what you want?  If that is not what you want, here is how you can make any page or post that you create your WordPress Home Page.

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Do you want a full page, wide open with just images, maybe a video, or just text with images and no sidebars, left or right.  Do you want the sidebar on the left sometimes, and a full page other times.  To control page layout, this video is the answer.

Editing WordPress Pages and Posts

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Making WordPress pages and posts can be done with a click of a button. In this video, we would like to share with you what to do, what to look for and what to watch out for once your have clicked the “New Page” or “New Post” button in the WordPress Dashboard. Here we go into the basics of the many ways of editing WordPress Pages and Posts.

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For those of you that want to truly control the face of your WordPress Site, the understanding Using Html and CSS in a WordPress Page or Post is essential. Some ask, “Why would you want to control the html and css in any one page or post?”

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Of course, when you are editing WordPress pages and posts, you will want to choose, change and edit fonts. In the following WordPress Video Tutorial, we share with you a few ways to add and edit your text.

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I think that using the Inspect Element option in to find WordPress Css elements is truly amazing. What is really amazing is the ability to open any modern browser, right click on any element in the page and get the CSS elements, with line number right before your very eyes. Wow,,,,,,, that´s just real good Geekdom, right at your finger tips.

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When editing WordPress pages and posts, changing fonts in your WordPress CSS Style Sheet is the most effective and reliable way to control the fonts in your WordPress theme for your WordPress web site. If you are a person that creates WordPress sites for your clients, changing fonts in your WordPress CSS Style Sheets is an essential skill. The strange thing is that most people that actually sell WordPress creation services lack CSS skills and just kind of fake it with their clients.

Using Images in WordPress

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Controlling Image Size in WordPress is a very important issue ignored by many people that publish WordPress sites. The fact of the matter is, size matters.

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How to put images into WordPress is just like any other part of WordPress. It´s so easy it´s hard. Once again, there is a little button in WordPress that gets the job done. Finding the button is another thing. Once you find it, you´ll say, “How, that´s what that button does.”

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One very fine way concerning how to put images into WordPress is using an Image Widget. I have a client in London. When I said the words, “Image Widget,” he just busted out laughing. He fond just saying “Image Widget” quite amusing. Brits! This very handy Widgetis great for showing one image on all, or many pages or posts in a Widget Sidebar.

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One thing about the topic of how to put images into WordPress is uploading the images to the server where your website actually lives. Sometimes you don´t really want the images to go where WordPress puts them. Sometimes, you want to put them in your own very special place. WordPress can do a lot, but Knowing how to upload certain files that WordPress does not is very important.

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Many of my clients and students not only want to know how to put images into WordPress, the specifically want to know how to put background images into wordpress. Here we present important concepts about getting those Background images ready for WordPress.