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Halloween, Pumpkin-Art, Pumpkin-Writing, and Pumpkin-Science Lesson Plans and Activities

Halloween Pumpkin Lesson Plans and Activities

Welcome to the Halloween Pumpkin Lesson Plans and Activities page. I’m Bill the Geek.

This portion of the site contains about 300 or more, Pumpkin related lesson plans. Most are for k-6, you will find a fair portion that were created for pre-school.

For 15 years I wrote and illustrated children’s books and I was fortunate enough to have been invited into more than 600 elementary schools to share with children how to write and create computerized presentations. SillyBilly.com is one of the oldest web sites on the internet.

At one period of time, I created these Lesson Plans and Activities pages. Though I don’t make school visits anymore, I try to keep a couple of areas on the web site up to date for teachers to use all over the world. This Halloween Pumpkin page is one of them.

This year, I really tried to enhance this page. I added four pages. This year along with the main page, you will find an Art, Science, Reading and General pages. The links for all of the pages can be found in upper right hand corner of this page. Just hover over, “Pumpkin Lessons,” and you will see them all.

On this page  I just show a view examples for what you will find on the specific pages I just mentioned.

For the last 12 years I have lived in Mexico. I teach web design to my clients that live all over the world. Now I write Romance short stories and Non-Fiction how to books. I have added many of my free books to the site for your pleasure.

So please roam the pages and hopefully I have shared something with you that you can share with those great students you have.

Enjoy and contact us with your fun stories about pumpkins. Click here to contact us.