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How to make a Contact Form in Dreamweaver

Since the year 2000, I have had php Geeks teach me how to make a contact form in Dreamweaver.

Once I asked a Geek how to make a basic form. She responded, “There is no such thing as a basic Form.”

For the average person, to know how to make a contact form in Dreamweaver is no picnic. One must make the visual form, connect that form to php, cgi, asp or some middle ware language, then maybe connect to a data base and for most people, even experienced designers, that’s a bit much.

This video, the one you are about to see in a minute, is just for someone like you that got on Google a few minutes ago and typed in “I need to make a contact form on my web page, what do I do?” The answers are here, complete with download files for you to use.

In this video you make a form, pretty much fill in one line of code, put it up on your site and when people fill it out, you or your client get an email with the form’s content. It’s pretty straight forward.

Tell you what.  I have been writing code for a long, long time.  Now, almost all of my sites are done in WordPress.  In WordPress, you need a theme.  I use the best WordPress theme out there.  It is called Divi.  With Divi, you click a button and you have a form and it works great.  You can click below to create a contact form in Dreamweaver, but below that button is a link to my WordPress pages.

Enjoy viewing, “How to make a contact form in Dreamweaver.”

How to make a Contact Form in Dreamweaver






Click here to see the into to WordPress pages.