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Adobe Illustrator Kerning, Leading and Tracking

What is Adobe Illustrator Kerning, Leading and Tracking. You will find the options for kerning, leading and tracking in almost every word processing application, but did anyone ever bring it up or tell you what it was?

Adobe Illustrator Kerning, Leading and TrackingHow many times have you created a super great text product with all of the stuff you want in it? Then, maybe in the title at the top of the page, or in the first sentence, you see that the first two letters of the document are apparently too close together. Maybe it is your resume. Maybe it is a proposal that you are going to make big money on and you are telling yourself, “This just does not look right.”

How many times have you created the perfect text and image document and you need just enough space to get in a couple of more words? If you just had a little bit more space then you could pull the whole thing off and you could go to bed and get a good nights sleep.

This is where Adobe Illustrator Kerning, Leading and Tracking comes in. In the video we with share with you the magic little button that will make you text dreams come true.

Kerning is the space between two letters. Leading is the space between horizontal lines. Tracking is the space between all selected letters.

The question is that in Adobe Illustrator, what panel do you use to get this done and in this magic panel, what are the magic buttons that you push to make these things come to life.

Enjoy our video, “Adobe Illustrator Kerning, Leading and Tracking.”

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