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Inserting Video into a Table Cell with Html5

Inserting Video into a Table Cell with Html5The time has finally come. The time has arrived. Now you can actually reliably use the html5 video tag to insert video into your web pages.

For years, inserting video into pages has had serious challenges. Let me re-think that. For years you could put video in a page, but you really never knew who would be able to see it. You had to put in about 3,000 lines of code to make sure it would work.

But now, inserting video into a table cell with html5 is easy.

Better yet, you can use the same video html5 tag anywhere.

Now of course, there are still people on the planet using Internet Explorer 2 and 3, so they won´t see the video.

Have fun viewing, “Inserting Video into a Table Cell with Html5.”

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