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Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 2020

Hi there, I’m Bill the Geek. Welcome to an Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 2020. There are a lot of videos below. If are totally knew to Adobe Illustrator, you should go from one to the next. As you go, have Illustrator open and try the concepts displayed in each video. Some of the videos may seem simple and my artwork, the things that I do, the colors that I use may seem to be ugly. That really doesn’t matter, you can make your objects as beautiful as you wish. The thing I think that is best is for you to master the concepts in each video slowly. It is also very important for you to have a good time with this.

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 2020I may say this many times as you move ahead in this Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 2020, but I taught Adobe Illustrator in downtown San Francisco for 5 years. I would teach senior designers from corporations like The Gap, Old Navy, The Federal Reserve, Macro Media, Wells Fargo and many small businesses and individual graphic designers also.

Our classes were in depth and intense. Five days, eight hours a day. I have used much of that course content in the videos that are listed below.

In this Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 2020, you will see that Illustrator is not really an intuitive application. Adobe Illustrator is an animal with its own mind and thinking process. Some of the steps that you take to get things done make no sense at all, but the work.

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator 2020If you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator, then scroll through the course list and look for the items that you are not familiar with and go from there.

Enjoy my Introduction.

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Learning How to Learn

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