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Introduction to CSS Lists Dreamweaver

Introduction to CSS Lists DreamweaverThis is an Introduction to CSS Lists Dreamweaver.  That sentence may not sound so good, but “Introduction to CSS Lists Dreamweaver,” is the keyword phrase I am using for Google so that people can find this page so I’m going to use it at least 3 or 4 more times. 

Anyway, list are very strange.  If you are new to manipulating list with CSS, then this section will blow your mind.  So let me use my keyword phrase again here, “Introduction to CSS Lists Dreamweaver.”

The list is nothing more than a collection of Html tags.  And, there are many different forms of list meaning that we can do many different things with the many different Html tags.  The main tag in an UnOrdered List is the UL tag.  With in the UL tag is the LI tag, List Item.  We can use these tags and talk to these tags with CSS to make the list vertical or horizontal.  We can get rid of the default bullets all together, or we can replace them with images or anything we desire.

Or, we can talk to the list tags with css and make the list horizontal.  Or, maybe we could put a list in a list.  Almost every menu you see on the internet, vertical or horizontal is a list.  And those drop down menus you see everywhere are list in list.  And if they are a dropdown menu, then most likely, they are links.  This gives us more Html tags to talk to with CSS.  This give us more fun to have with our overall text decoration.

The more you work with list and CSS, the more you will love them.  They are a wonder set of Html tags to control.

Enjoy the video and drop me a line for a private session.