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Intro to CSS3 Animated Menu VidoeIntroduction to CSS3 Animated Menus

This is an Introduction to CSS3 Animated Menus. CSS3 animated menus are pretty easy to understand and have fun with but of course flying a plane is fun after you understand some basic concepts too. In this Introduction to CSS3 Animated Menus, we try to take you step by step, piece by piece in a slow easy fashion to help you really understand what the heck is going on. When you get your plane in the air, you want to feel real good about your knowledge when it comes time to land.

In our Introduction Animated Menus, we start off with the basic concepts of CSS animation. CSS animation and compatibility in browsers has been slow coming. Even now that CSS animations work in almost all browsers, when a newbie looks at the code, it’s so mind blowing that one just wants to run and hide. We take you slowly into the code you need, and share with you what looks scary but really is not.

Project Main PageThen there is the issue of how to do stuff using your CSS and html. In this Introduction  Animated Menus, we share with you when you need an ID and when you need a class. When do you use hover in CSS and when do we bring in our special, surprise CSS guest to get the click thing done.

If we are going to fade things in and out in the process, then how do we get that done? This would involve some opacity and those strange RGBA settings (What happened to Hex values? Who would use RGB values in a web page and why?). In this Introduction to CSS3 Animated Menus, we have one video just about opacity and RGBA values and how to use them when it comes time to make your CSS animated menu come to life.

Are you a lazy type and really just want to watch the video and see what is going on, but you really don’t feel like writing the code while I do? Not a problem. Each and every video comes with the files you are seeing in the videos. In this Introduction to CSS3 Animated Menus, you can relax, knowing that the html, css and image files will be there waiting for you when your comfort level says,”Let’s do this.”

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