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k-6 Pumpkin Fun Art Lesson Plansk-6 Pumpkin Art Lesson Plans

Thank you for visiting our k-6 Pumpkin Art Lesson Plans.  If you have ideas for more fun k-6 Pumpkin Art Lesson Plans, then please click here to fill out our contact form.  If you share some plans with us will we post them here with your name and the name of your school.  Thanks again.

Pumpkins,  Primary Classroom Curricular Unit

Pumpkin and Gourd Still Life Watercolor Painting

Objectives: Students will learn what a still life is and how artists use overlapping to create the illusion of depth (3D space) in a flat 2D piece of art. Learn about the artist Paul Cezanne and how he used overlapping in his paintings to create a feeling of depth.

Let’s Go to the Pumpkin Patch

In this unit the color splashing kinders will look for signs of autumn.  What makes the leaves change colors? What makes the pumpkins grow?

What is the scarecrow’s job?

They will engage in exploration and imaginative play with natural materials like leaves, squash, pumpkins and nuts. They will sort these objects by color shape and size. We will make a large leaf mandala and create a magic ring of leaves…a giant circle to dance inside under the blue October sky.

Collaboratively we will engage in creative art making in response to an art making problem like how do we preserve our fall leaves and memories.Can art represent a memory?

Through experimentation we will build skills in various media and approaches to art making. We will discover what two primary colors creates orange, through predicting and experimenting.

We will also learn poems and songs that complement the season.

ASCII Art–Computer Art for Everyonek-6 Pumpkin Fun Art Lesson Plans

ASCII art is that amazing computer drawing where keyboard letters become a picture. Done well, it never fails to impress friends with your geekiness.

I was inspired by my friend, Zakgirl, to try it. I’m inherently lazy so wanted an ‘easy way’ to accomplish this tedious art. I went on a hunt for that method–and found it! Here’s a pumpkin I did for Halloween in about fifteen minutes.




Oil Pastel Resist Halloween Artk-6 Pumpkin Fun Art Lesson Plans

This is a very cool resist effect which I thought was suitable for Halloween art. If you don’t celebrate Halloween in your school and/or country, pumpkins or leaves would be a nice Autumn theme alternative.
This project is a take on ‘tempera batik’, but instead of a layer of thick tempera paint, this is a simpler version using oil pastels. I will warn you- this *can* be a tricky process and results vary according to different materials, brands, etc. I suggest to try it out yourself first to perfect the technique before you teach it to a class.
Here’s what you need:
  • oil pastels
  • basic chalk (yellow, whatever you have)
  • black acrylic paint or India ink or black liquid watercolours
  • heavy white paper (I used smooth cardstock)

Ceramic Pumpkin

Pumpkin Activities for Kids! 40 Ways to Learn, Play & Decorate!

Pumpkin Art Lesson Plans from Sparklek-6 Pumpkin Fun Art Lesson Plans

These beautiful, glowing pumpkins have a lot going on: drawing from observations and sequence, primary color mixing, adding highlights, cutting and pasting skills and composition. I have a very strong group of Kinders this year and they did exceptionally well following this multi-step project.



More k-6 Pumpkin Art Lesson Plans

Halloween Art Lessons -making art is fun any time of the year! However, during holidays it’s especially fun because kids have some parameters to work within to help them decide what to create (sometimes that is the hardest part about art). For Halloween, kids get to work with shapes/symbols like ghosts, bats and cats while they explore colors such as orange, black and purple. Here I have compiled (in detail) 12 Fun and Easy Halloween Art Lessons for Kids. You’ll have enough ideas here to keep you busy for years to come…so pin this article so you can refer back to it whenever you need to.

Pump up the curriculum
with pumpkins

Jump into pumpkin facts and pumpkin lore. Try pumpkin science, pumpkin math, pumpkin writing …

Take a pumpkin to school. It’s October’s largest, “orange-est,” and most visible fruit!

Pumpkins are fruits? Now there’s a fact your students might not know. The perfect place to start your study of pumpkins! (See more pumpkin facts below.)

Pumpkins are harvested in early fall, and echo the changing colors of the leaves. Since pumpkins are used as a decoration for Halloween, students see them everywhere! They’re readily available, inexpensive materials for some wonderful classroom hands-on experiences!

So why not plan a theme around pumpkins? Or spice up your curriculum with a one-time pumpkin infusion — no matter what subject area or grade level you teach!

More k-6 Pumpkin Art Lesson Plans

A Bill the Geek Super Pick, Tons of Fun Pumpkin Creative Art Stuff in Here.

k-6 Pumpkin Fun Art Lesson Plans







Halloween Lessons, Activities & Resourcesk-6 Pumpkin Fun Art Lesson Plans

Our tradition of carving pumpkins at Halloween began in Scotland and Ireland with the carving of turnip lanterns. Make your own turnip lantern, carve a virtual pumpkin, and download patterns for state-of-the-art pumpkins. Have fun this Halloween with the following lessons and activities. And keep your Trick-or-Treating safe.

Teaching Heart’s Pumpkin Unit/ Theme!!!
Pumpkin Ideas, Lessons, Printables, and More!!!

Learning about pumpkins is a great way to start October.
Here you will find many ideas for a unit on pumpkins.
This page is updated often in September and October! Stop by to see what is new.
Now grab some 
Pumpkin Spice Coffee and enjoy the ideas!!!







Pumpkin Seed Mosaics


Make your own mosaic! Don’t throw those pumpkin seeds away! Roast a few and paint the rest for a spectacular work of art.

About Mosaics

Mosaics are made of tiny colored pieces of stone, pottery, glass or other materials, arranged together and set in plaster or cement to make patterns and images. They can be used to decorate a floor, a wall or in some cases a ceiling.

Mosaics have a long history. They were created in Ancient times in Babylon, Egypt, Greece and Rome. When the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum (which were buried under lava when Mount Vesuvius erupted in A.D. 79) were rediscovered, many wonderful mosaics were found.


A collection of 50 fantastic autumn activities for kids, from arts and crafts to sensory, nature and learning ideas! There are enough in this list to keep you busy for this season and for next year too, fantastic for teachers and parents alike.











Pumpkin Activities for Kids! 40 Ways to Learn, Play & Decorate!

T’is the season for pumpkins! But what do you do with them (aside from making a jack-o-lantern or setting them out on your front porch)?

I’ve scrounged the blog world and came up with 40 amazing pumpkin activities for kids, that preschoolers (and even toddlers and babies!) can enjoy doing.

Twelve pumpkin activities. Eight learning activities with pumpkins. Fourteen decorating ideas for pumpkins. (Aside from the usual carvings.) Six activities to do with the insides of pumpkins!’

Explore Art For Children, Autumn Art and more!

21 Easy Halloween Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Adorable Halloween Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers.  Great for preschool, daycare and homeschool classroom!

The days are getting cooler, and the evenings are getting darker. Fall is just around the corner, and if you’re a daycare provider or teacher,  you’re probably planning your fall activities and autumn crafts already.

If you’re thinking as far ahead as Halloween, you’re going to love this post!  I’ve rounded up 21 of my favourite easy Halloween crafts to make with your toddlers or preschoolers this October. Wow!  That’s a lot of Halloween crafts!  These ideas will keep you crafting through the entire month leading up to the spookiest day of the year!






Texture Pumpkins: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: K-2 Art Education Lesson Plan
Art Elements: Texture
Art Skills: Clay Techniques, Using Texture Tools, Painting