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k-6 Pumpkin General Lesson Plans


These are k-6 Pumpkin General Lesson Plans.  Fall means colors in beautiful earth tones and lots of exploration with natural materials. While summer is my favorite season, fall holds a special place in my heart because it awakens the 5 senses. That’s why I love this collection of 30 fall activities for preschoolers.

Hands-on fun! I hope you enjoy these k-6 Pumpkin General Lesson Plans.

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Music Class and Halloween

Can I tell you a secret?  I have not always been a fan of Halloween.  I’m not really sure why, but I’ve come around and now feel comfortable teaching a Halloween song or two.  As I prepare lessons for my K-6 classroom I try to incorporate songs and activities that feel like Halloween without being too scary or creepy.  We do many songs about pumpkins and spiders and so on.
At one district we avoided everything Halloween and even called the classroom celebrations on that day “Fall Parties”.  At another school we celebrate with a big parade, all students and most staff members dress up and hang decorations in our classrooms and on bulletin boards.  You probably know which end of the spectrum your district falls into and can adjust some of the activities below to suit your needs.

Below you’ll find a small compilation of ideas for October and some fun ideas for Halloween in the music room.

Teaching Heart’s Pumpkin Unit/ Theme!!!

Pumpkin Ideas, Lessons, Printables, and More!!!

October and November are great months to use this theme which is based on pumpkins.

Pumpkins Lesson Plans, Activities, Printables, and Teaching Ideas



Pumpkin Curriculum
Developed for the Glover Outdoor Classroom

Preschool Pumpkin Activities Theme for Preschool

To The Pumpkin Patch

Project Pumpkin
Welcome to The Teacher’s Corner second of many Online Collaboration Projects. The project is open to any K-6 classroom

Halloween Worksheets and Resources
Explore the literature, customs and history of Halloween, using our worksheets, lessons, videos and activities. You’ll find everything from costume patterns and printable Halloween masks to counting activities and vocabulary lessons. Students love this autumn holiday; take advantage of it! Integrate these Halloween resources into your classes to enhance cross-curricular study for all grade levels.

Halloween Activities
The Halloween activities and lesson plans will provide you with great resources for this very popular and super spooky holiday! Ideas within these Halloween pages include: bats, spiders, jack-o-lanterns, halloween puzzles, halloween classroom activities and everything else to make your classroom frightfully fun!