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Making Dreamweaver Bootstrap Images Responsive

Making Dreamweaver Bootstrap Images Responsive

It is one thing to add an image to your Dreamweaver Bootstrap page. Making Dreamweaver Bootstrap images responsive is a whole different story. In this video, “Making Bootstrap Images Responsive,” we are going to show you a few different things. Of course, we will start out in making Dreamweaver Bootstrap images responsive, but there are always other issues that pop up once your dreams come true and you have that smile on your face. Isn’t it funny how we can get so happy when we get what we want and then,,,,,,,,,,,, we realize what else is needed. Smile gone.

Making Dreamweaver Bootstrap Images ResponsiveIn this video, “Making Bootstrap Images Responsive,” we are also going to cover a couple of things such as creating rounder corners and centering your images.

In this video, “Making Dreamweaver Bootstrap Images Responsive,” we will share with you how to round those image corners. Bootstrap has a special little line of code that gets that done for you. The problem is, that once you apply it, well, it’s kind of like when you thought you might get a car for Christmas and instead you got a PeeWee Herman doll.

In this video, “Making Bootstrap Images Responsive,” to make the corners rounded like we would really like them to appear in a way that would make us smile way more than the PeeWee Herman doll, we will have to write our own CSS that overwrites the default bootstrap.css file. Ha!

I have run into so many students going to school, paying money for web design classes and they have no clue what is going on and the instructor starts them right off with Bootstrap. Ha.

Web design is not a magic wand. Understanding CSS is still up upmost importance in the land of web design. For you willing to apply yourself and learn, you will leave the others in the dust and be happy beyond your wildest dreams with web design opportunities.

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