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Making Dreamweaver Bootstrap Slideshows.

Making Dreamweaver Bootstrap SlideshowsMaking Dreamweaver Bootstrap Slideshows is pretty damn cool and fun. It is also a great way to sell product because people all over the world love slideshows. Making  Bootstrap Slideshows is pretty simple to do especially the way that Adobe Dreamweaver helps you click a few buttons and drop rows, columns, slideshows and images on your page in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

In the land of Making  Bootstrap Slideshows, the technical term for Making Bootstrap Slideshows is making Bootstrap Carousels. So if you are looking it up on Google, then Bootstrap Carousel plugin would be the search term you would use.

In this series of four or five videos, we do a few things. We go full width of the page with a 5 second, fading delay, with image title and description and little buttons on the bottom of the page to let you know what image it is you are viewing right now. And of course we add the little arrows for next and back on the right and left hand sides of the browser. Yes, all of that.

Making Dreamweaver Bootstrap SlideshowsThe default play rate for Making  Bootstrap Slideshows five seconds or 5000 milliseconds. This seems kind of slow to me, so I share with you how to make that speed faster or slower.

Also in our mini series,”Making Bootstrap Slideshows,” we share with you how to put these slideshows into columns in Bootstrap.

Each and everyone of the videos, “Making Dreamweaver Bootstrap Slideshows,” comes with downloadable files that you can view as I explain exactly what I did to make the whole project work.

With the death of Flash slideshows and the birth of CSS3 Slideshows, there has been a long gap in easy to create and use slideshows for years. This video series, “Making Dreamweaver Bootstrap Slideshows,” will help many designers get right back on the saddle and ride again.

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