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Managing Fonts in Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Managing Fonts in Adobe Dreamweaver CCManaging Fonts in Adobe Dreamweaver CC has a few twist to it.  In a way, managing fonts in the old days of All Things Web was pretty easy because you could only use certain fonts. And those fonts were the fonts found and embedded on all the computers on the planet. Verdana, Times Roman, Georgia, fonts like that.

Things have changed drastically. Now you can put about any font you want to on the internet. Using Fonts Dreamweaver  allows you way more flexibility than in the past. Way More! But, it’s no picnic getting in done.

If you used Dreamweaver in the past, let’s say you upgraded from Dreamweaver 5.5 or earlier, when you go to apply a basic font and get something very basic done in applying a font to text, YOU ARE IN FOR A MIND BLOWER trying to figure it out.

Again, using fonts in Dreamweaver is no picnic, but once you get the hang of it and get your fonts all organized, then you are in for a real treat.

Of course, using Dreamweaver doesn’t leave you stuck with the fonts they offer. You can use Google Fonts and all types of other fonts you can find on the net. You can also use any font on your computer.

Google Fonts is a whole different story.  How can a company with so much money make it so difficult to understand how to get around the Google Fonts website.  They should hire Adobe to build a design for them.  I think I’ll do a video on how to get around in Google Fonts.  I bet a lot of people would be happy to see that.  Maybe there is already one on YouTube.

Both of those issues will be covered in a soon to come title.

Enjoy Managing Fonts in Adobe Dreamweaver CC