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Opening Adobe Dreamweaver CC the First TimeOpening Adobe Dreamweaver CC the First Time

Just like any Adobe Application, Opening Adobe Dreamweaver CC  the first time can be somewhat confusing. All of these panels are there and they really don’t need to be, but somebody at Adobe is putting their three kids through Stanford, so we have to pay for her creativity.

When Opening  Dreamweaver  the First Time, most of the stuff you see should be closed, and never seen again. Then, there is a way to make the “my panels” situation, a saved selection of panels and panel sets that you like and use the most.

So if Opening Dreamweaver CC  the First Time is/was just a real mind blowing event, check out the video and just remember, “Close All Tabs.”

Sorry, I must say that many times I have clients that have been using Dreamweaver for many years. When I look at their desktop in our one on one sessions, they still have the default panels open. I always ask them, “How often do you use Business Catalyst?”

They always, ALWAYS, respond, “What´s that?”