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Photoshop Optimizing Images for Web

Photoshop Optimizing Images for WebPhotoshop Optimizing Images for Web. If you are putting images in web pages you must be very careful. If the file size, not the width and height but the megabytes or kilobytes are too large, the page will load for the person viewing the page, and if the page loads too slow then, bye bye visitor.

With digital phones getting better and better at bringing in larger width and height images, suddenly, in this day and age pictures that are taken can be 4 foot wide and 3 feet tall. That file size about 2 meg or more. That’s really big. Put that on a web page and the page will load really slow. And how many times do you see a page with one image? Never.

Adobe Photoshop CC, Kerning, Leading and TrackingI have a client, he’s an extremely smart individual. A Doctor. A successful millionaire doctor with about 12 websites. His page were not loading at all and he asked me to take a look at some of his pages. He had one page with about 25 images. Each one was 4 foot by 3 foot. He had reduced the width and height in WordPress, but each image was still about 4 to 5 meg each. The pages would not even load.

For years, Photoshop has been a leader in optimizing images for the web. With the Photoshop tool, you can change the width and height of the image, reduce the quality of the file type and more in a matter of seconds without even effecting your original image.

There are three types of images many used for web use. The Gif file. The Jpeg file. The PNG file. Each one has different super powers. Each one has a purpose. There are special times when you want to use a Gif file ( I rarely use a gif file unless it’s an animated gif). There are special times when you want to use a Jpg file. I use Jpgs all of the time. There are special times when you want to use a PNG file. I use PNGs a fair amount, but only when I want to take advantage of one special attribute of the PNG.

The following video, “Photoshop Optimizing Images for Web,” shows you how to save your images for the web quickly and effectively.

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