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Photoshop Shapes Circles Squares and More

Photoshop Shapes Circles Squares and MorePhotoshop Shapes Circles Squares and More. Yes, the is the place to learn how to make circles, squares, check marks, hearts, lightning bolts, comment boxes and more.

For years in Photoshop, if you wanted to make a simple circle or square, there was really no logical way to do it. What you had to do was make a selection that was a circle or square, and then fill it will color, or an image. It was actually a pretty simple process, but I guess many people just asked Adobe, “Can’t you create a shape tool so that I can use simple shapes?”

The shapes the come with Photoshop are pretty easy to select and use, but applying color to these shapes gets done in a fashion that you would never think of off the top of your head. Also, you can’t select them or break them up using selector tools. These shapes are pretty much vectors with paths and anchor points like you use all of the time in Adobe Illustrator. If you are comfortable with Illustrator paths and anchor points then you will have no problem messing around with Photoshop shapes. If you are new to the vector process, that’s ok, you’ll have a good time also.

In the image below I used the heart, check mark, arrow, lighting bolt and comment circles giving them all colors, drop shadows and a couple of bevel and emboss.

Photoshop Shapes Circles Squares and More

I have used the “rounded rectangle tool,” many time so created images with rounded corners. For this process, I have to rasterize the shape, use a selection tool to select the shape, then I put the image under the selection, inverse the selection and bam, rounded corners for my image.

Adobe Photoshop CC, Kerning, Leading and TrackingIf you can use paths, anchor points and the pen tool, then you can create and save your own shapes. If you are not familiar with paths, anchor points and the pen tool, then you can make selections of objects, convert the selections to paths, and save those paths as shapes.

This video an introduction to Photoshop Shapes Circles Squares and More.

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