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Private Web Design Teacher

Private Web Design Teacher

Private web design teacher, Bill the Geek.  Hi, I’m Bill the Geek. Thanks for the visit and your time.

I’m a private web design teacher. So what the heck does it mean to be a private web design tutor?

You would like to learn web design. You are brand new to actually making a web page or you have made web pages and you want to move ahead to the next level. Maybe you work for a company and if you knew web design, then you could make more money on your job, or get a better position there.

Perhaps you are a small business owner and you have been paying a lot of money to a web designer that disappeared, just moves a bit slow, or unreliably. Perhaps, you want more or total control of your web site.

I, Bill the Geek, am a Private Web Design Teacher. The key word here is PRIVATE! That means just you and me, one on one. I´ve been a private design tutor for thousands of web designers, business owners, and people that are brand new to web development.

Given my 20 plus years of experience, I can help you to save time and money in your decisions about how you spend your valuable time and money in moving ahead in this process.

Drop me a line. Give me a call.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Bill the Geek
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Private Web Design Teacher

What does it mean to be a Private Web Design Teacher? Here´s an example.

Two days ago, a person looking for a private web design tutor, called me From my home town, Columbus, Ohio. He found me on Google, visited sillybilly.com, watched my video on how I conduct my sessions, then he clicked my contact button. In his message to me, he shared that he wanted to build a web site. He shared that he had the Adobe CS 6 Suite and he had downloaded some Adobe Dreamweaver Templates and some Flash Web Site Templates. All he wanted to do was change the images and change the links, maybe make some new pages, and then learn how to upload the files to the server.

In his message to me, he included this phone number so I gave him a call. We talked, I asked him about his knowledge of web stuff, about his template downloads and what he wanted to do. We set a time to get together for the next day. I suggested he zip up the templates he had downloaded and send them over to me via mailbigfile.com (that’s a free service for sending large files to folks).

He  wanted to move ahead with an appointment with me, the private web design tutor, so we set an appointment for 9am my time the next day. The night before, I was looking over the Templates. The Dreamweaver (CSS, Html, JavaScript, and images ) template was a no brainer for me to review. But then there was the Flash Template.

There were two Flash Templates. Both were based on AS2 (Actionscript 1-2). Adobe Flash Professional CC won´t even publish an AS2 file, it has to work in AS3. Anyway, I’ve helped clients edit thousands of Flash Templates, but this one was a real advanced one, based on php and external xml files. Not a problem for me, but does this client want to learn how to control all of that.

The next day it’s 20 minutes before our first meeting using GotoMeeting.com. It’s time for Bill the Geek, the Private Web Design Teacher to go into action, so I send him the invite link. We sign on with visual and audio. No problems.

He’s looking at my desktop, I open the Dreamweaver Template, then open the main page of the web site in Chrome. I tell him that this is no problem to edit, but then I scale and resize the page. The page was not developed for responsive web design, not good for mobile devises or phones.

As we were talking, I launched my site, sillybilly.com, and made the browser big, and then made it very small and he could see how it was adapting for the smaller devices as the browser decreased in size. As a private web tutor, I shared with him the basic concepts behind responsive web design.

I told him that we could code that. I also shared with him that he want to do a search for templates that were built to be responsive.

Then I asked him, “ Why are you using this Flash Template?” He liked the sound and the video and the animation. I asked him if he had a cell phone. Ended up he had a Samsung, Galaxy Note 2. I have the Samsung, Galaxy Note 3. I asked him he could view Flash on that phone. He said no.

I asked him, “What kind of web site is this going to be and what are you using it for?” Ended up, he has a small business and he want to write articles, post images, include forms, and have many pages of information for his clients.

I asked him, “Have you heard of WordPress.” He said no.

I launched one of my clients WordPress sites, showed him how it was responsive for mobile devices. I showed him how to make universal changes with the click and drag of a couple of buttons, then I showed him how to make cosmetic color and size changes in the CSS file.

After 30 minutes, we concluded that WordPress would be a good solution for him. He is going to download WordPress and surf for free, responsive WordPress Gallery type Themes.

We came to the conclusion that after he makes the downloads and plays for a while, we would get together to cover the holes in what he could figure out, and what he couldn’t figure out.


If I had let him go on his original path, I could have made lots of money teaching him Dreamweaver (Dreamweaver will still help him out greatly in many ways, even with his WordPress site), and Flash. But I knew that he really didn´t know what his options were or the consequences of his decisions.

As A Private Web Design Tutor, and having taught major corporate designers around the country web design (as well as thousands of small business owners) I have seen a lot of sites, a lot of needs, and a lot of code. Given that, I help my clients get through the murky gray area called, “What.” What do I need. What should I spend my valuable time doing? How can I get it done?

I’m Bill the Geek, Private Web Teacher. What can I do for You?

“There are tons of blogs, tutorial sites, and other resources out there that can teach you about web design and development. But what if you want something a little bit more formal, without actually having to go back to school?

I used to actually try to figure it out on the fly and give them an answer. Now I know the truth! You never know until you look at the code.

I’ll help you build and/or edit your web site anyway you want. Drop me a line and we can talk about it. What else do you have to do right now?

You can do it all in Photoshop. You can do it all in Illustrator. You can do it all in Flash. You can do it all in WordPress or Joomla. I’ve seen, and have created and edited web sites for all of it ( I’m still learning PHP and MySql so I don’t teach that yet).

Personally, I prefer to write the code in Adobe Dreamweaver. I suggest that all my clients learn as much HTML and CSS as they can. Because,,,,,,, NO MATTER HOW YOUR SITE IS BUILT,,,IT ALL COMES DOWN TO HTML AND CSS!!! So, to be in control it really helps to understand what make the thing tick.

Where ever you want to start, I´m here for you. Click the links above and you’ll get an idea of what I have to offer.

Please give me a call with any questions, or to set up a session. Anywhere in the USA is OK!

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