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Scaling You Tube Videos With Responsive Web Design

What is a Responsive Web Design Media QuerySo, you want to make a YouTube Videos Responsive. You have come to the right place. In the video you will see the link to the sample code that you can down load to help you Make a YouTube Video Responsive.

This video, “Make a YouTube Video Responsive”, is part of a 73 part video tutorial series. That means 10 plus hours of video devoted to Creating Web sites using Adobe Dreamweaver CC.

The series is way more than just learning about Adobe Dreamweaver CC. It is more about web design and you could use all kind of code editors and follow the series.

I just like using Adobe Dreamweaver CC because all of the code writing, ftp, browser views, responsive helpers, find and replace, code inspector, element inspector etc are all in one box.

Anyway, again, here is the link for the video, “Make YouTube Videos Responsive.”

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