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School Writing Project, Art Selection Group

Ya,,,,,Whoooooo!!!! The writing is all done (depending on what order you decide to do what), now it´s time to create the art. Backgrounds, cars, people, the pets, the houses and more.

The great thing about this project is that with electronic media, anything can be mixed with anything. Crayon drawings can be scanned or photographed and mixed with photos. These photos or drawings can be place in videos. The photos, drawings and videos can be mixed together for the eBook, Web App, Web Game, Print Picture Book, DVD, Web Site or whatever you decide your practical, affordable, capable output will be.

Whatever the output, some group must decide whos art is in, and whos art is out.

It’s a tough world, but these decisions are made in media around the world, every second of the day. Let the games begin.