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School Writing Project Details

The Editing Board

Here are the School Writing Project Details. From how the one sentence story theme is developed, the the four sentence story summary, to the beginning, middle and end, the the writing of the whole story, and the rewrites.

An extremely important part of this project is the student lead editing board. This group of students takes all of the content from everyone in the school and decides what ideas will and will not be used.

This is a fragile part of the process because if you get the wrong type of Hitler type teacher sitting in with the group, then you may as well just let that person write and illustrate everything.

This is THEIR PROJECT. The adult that sits in with this group should only be a silent, gentle guide.

In this video, “School Writing Project Details” you get a full wiff of what is really involved. This part will blow your mind. If you can handle this video and it doesn´t scare you away, then you are out of your mind.

On the other hand, if you watch “School Writing Project Details,” and get chills and you want to get started, then this video is just the beginning of your year long nightmare that ends with great glory for all involved.