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School Writing Project, Marketing Group

Marketing? Marketing in a school with the students? For a writing, production project? Yes for this School Writing Project, we need a Marketing Group.

We sell candy bars in schools. We sell tickets to the football games. You have to pay to get into the basketball games. We have bake sales. Let’s take this thing to the next level folks.


Given the theme of your project, someone or some group could benifit by showing up as a sponcer of this School Writing Project. If every student in the school writes a letter to The Ford Motor Company, Burger King, Starbucks, CNN whomever, you have to come up with a couple of bucks.

Let´s say you strike no gold at all. Well at least the students thought, did some additional writing, and got a wiff of the real world.

Speaking of real world, buy my Dreamweaver CC Video Tutorial series. Look over there to the left, $70 off retail, just for teachers. Help me buy a taco down here. Better yet, send me some frozen White Castle Cheeseburgers.

That´s the overview folks. May the force be with you!

May the games begin.