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Selecting Squares with Photoshop CC

Selecting Squares with Photoshop CCSelecting Squares with Photoshop CC is really easy. This is the first selection tool we will use in this portion of the series. All of the tools work a little differently, but you must remember that all of them can be used to work with one another. You will find that with different keystrokes you can add to and take away from any selection. You will see and you go from video to video.

Some people might ask, “Instead of Selecting Squares with Photoshop CC, Why not just use the crop tool?”

With a square or rectangle selection, you can copy and paste it and put it on its own layer, giving it a drop shadow or maybe a border. Maybe after you make the selection, you can give it a coloring effect, take it to grayscale, reduce the opacity. You could also copy the portion of your image and paste it into another image all together.

Selecting Squares with Photoshop CCIf you have two images in the same Photoshop Document, then you could select a portion of one image, invert that selection and then delete what is outside of the selected portion of the image.

Of course, once the selection has been made, you can also go to the edit dropdown menu and select “Free Transform” or “Transform. Selecting Squares with Photoshop CC opens the door for you to do many different creative things.

With the selection made, the sky is the limit as far as what you can do with your selection. Again, each and every tool is unique. You can add and subtract from each selection by using various keystrokes. You will be introduced to these keystrokes as you go through these videos.

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