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SEO Teacher

Hi! Thank you for the click. I am Bill the Geek. Every burger I eat, every time I pay Adobe for my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, every time I pay my rent, I owe it all to my SEO Skills. I´m Bill the Geek, and yes, I am an SEO Teacher.

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I teach, consult and create in the land of All Things Web, and I have lived that way, working totally for myself for the last 10 years. Thought I am a born and bread, Ohio State Buckeye ( yes I earned a Master’s Degree from there ), and I am a proud Dartmouth College Graduate, I live all of my days and nights in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I am an SEO Teacher, but not only am I an SEO Teacher, I live and breath every dollar I make, internationally from my SEO skills. I DO ZERO BUSINESS IN MEXICO.

I am very lucky to be an SEO Teacher because what I learn in teaching SEO, I use myself to get business all over the world. I have an international market. And for those of you that are trying to rank on Google page 1 in your city or state, ranking on page one internationally is a bit more of a challenge.

What I have Learned as an SEO Teacher

First of all I am a web designer, a digital artist. I use code, Photoshop, Illustrator, animation and video tools to express myself. I not only teach SEO, I also teach web design and help English speaking people from all over the world to learn to build, manage and edit their Web Worlds.

I see all kinds of crazy things and hear all kinds of stories, especially what is going on in the world of SEO. As an SEO Teacher, I have seen people being charged $1,000 a month to get on page one. I have seen people that have paid others for questionable SEO practices and suddenly, Google takes them off of Google. I have seen people pay $300.00 per month to people for SEO services that do nothing for them.

As an SEO Teacher, I have worked with people to help get their local, small businesses to page one of Google and help them make enough money to visit me for a week, down here on the hot, sunny beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Page 1 of Google for Free

Let me say this now. I am not talking about pay per click, or Google Ads. I don´t have the money or the time for that. I see Adobe and Lynda.com showing up right above me on page 1 of Google, BUT THEY PAY MONEY! As your SEO Teacher, I am talking about getting you to page 1 for free. It will take some work, but the work is not hard and if you do what I say and follow my instructions, you can do it.

How much of the time do I fail?

Sometimes it doesn´t work. I live and learn. Over the last 10 years, if someone says, “I have an Law Firm I want to get to page one.” I just say, “Sorry.” The other one is real estate agents, “Bye.” Can´t do it, never have, no luck. But in most industries, I have a 95% success rate.

Some people take SEO classes from me one on one via GotoMeeting.com. I can see your computer, you can see mine, we have FM quality sound. I have literally met with tens of thousands of people this way over the last 10 years.

Many of my clients subscribe to my SEO videos and learn as well.

I can help you to get you, or your clients to page 1 of Google. I am Bill the Geek,  SEO Teacher.

Drop me a line, give me a call.  For questions, feel free to click the contact button in the menu at the top of your screen.

Ways to Get to Page 1 on Google

Page 1 makes you money!

One on One Classes

You and your SEO Teacher.  Just you and me. No one else asking stupid questions that you know the answers to.

Video Tutorials

Yes, we have created excellent videos to take you step by step to the Page #1 Stage of Success.
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We Do it.

I can do it for you but if I show you how, you will save time and money.