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The Adobe Illustrator Dashed Lines

The Adobe Illustrator Dashed LinesThis video is all about controlling Adobe Illustrator Dashed Lines. This is another Adobe Illustrator time saver and with your artistic talent, you can use this tool to brighten up any design in a hurry, or very slowly if that is the way you would like to work.

The Adobe Illustrator Dashed LinesThe dashed line option is hidden in the Adobe Illustrator Stroke Panel. The trick to finding the options is to first open the Stroke Panel by going to the windows drop down menu and selecting, “Stroke.” Once this lovely panel opens, you will only see the option to set the point width of the stroke. If you double click the panel name, “Stroke,” then the panel will expand. The Stroke Panel is a little tricky as to what shows up when you double click the panel name. Try it. Double click it many times and watch what happens. The more you double click it, the more or less options you will see.

Notice that when the panel is fully opened you will see many more options. At the top of the panel you will see Weight. Below Weight you can set what type of “Cap” you can set for the ends of your line. Under Cap, you will see Corner. You can set your corners to smoothly round or sharp turns. Below those options you will see, “Dashed Line.” Click the Dashed Line Box and all of the options below that will come to life. Notice the Dash, gap, Dash, gap options. Also notice the Arrowheads Options.

The Adobe Illustrator Dashed Lines

This video will cover many of the options available in the stroke panel. I would suggest that you watch the video and then just play around with the various settings. Enjoy the video, “The Adobe Illustrator Dashed Lines.”

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