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The Adobe Illustrator Workspace

Like all Adobe products, when you launch Illustrator for the first time, the give you a The Adobe Illustrator Workspace. If you have no clue of what you need, you might just leave the workspace alone and be confused for years and years and years. Could it be that with just a few clicks, then everything would make more sense and your life would be a lot easier.

The Adobe Illustrator WorkspaceThe Adobe Illustrator Workspace can be a help or a hindrance. You’ll see. This video helps you control what you see, what panels are available, where your panels are located every time you open Adobe Illustrator.

If you are knew to Adobe products, then you really need to see this video. If you have been around in Adobe land for quite some time, then you still may want to take a few minutes to check this out.

In all Adobe products that I have used, they have a default setting of “Essentials.” Have you seen that? These must be Essentials, so many people just live with it because of the name, “Essentials.”

I have literally worked in Illustrator for years. I find myself with 15 panels opened because I have done so many different things. I’ve imported images, resized object, changed opacity, flipped horizontal or vertical, set the width and height of objects, set the x and y position, changed font size and font, maybe the kerning, leading and tracking. All of these functions use different panel sets that usually work together. In The Adobe Illustrator Workspace, usually you need about 3 to 4 panels to get certain things done. What if you could create your own, “Essentials,” and call it, “My working with Text Group?” Or maybe, “My alignment Group.” What if you could just click a button and all 15 panels would go away and the 3 panels that you need would show up where you wanted them to?

This video helps you do that and more.

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