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The Last Book

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The Last Book.”


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In the story, Silly Billy hates to read but his Mom makes him go to the library every Saturday morning. One Saturday, a giant spaceship drops down and takes all of the written materials from his entire town. Ends up, Barb the Space Girl, really likes to read, and calls books, “Magic Papers.”

See if Silly Billy can talk Barb the Space Girl into giving the books, I mean, “Magic Papers” Back.

Silly Billy is in fact an African American. I quess that would make him one of a few African American Characters in Children´s Literature.

The issue of having African American Characters in Children´s Literature is not at all the issue of this story, but it is a major factor. Silly Billy, and his African American Space Girl Friend Barb, are just that, African American Characters in Children´s Literature. The important thing is, THEY ARE JUST KIDS IN A STORY.

More African American children need to see African American Characters in Children´s Literature JUST BEING KIDS. Being able to see that it is ok to adventure, to create, to learn, to grow, to read, to do it all. An African American kid that doesn’t play basketball, doesn’t play football, doesn’t do drugs and more importantly, is COOL with himself, being himself.

Believe me, African American Children don´t get to see that day to day in the major media outlets that sell them CoCa Cola, Disney, and $200.00 tennis shoes.