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The Theme of the Story

What is the theme of the story? Now this is an electronic presentation. It could be a story in the form of a book, short story, video, electronic game, ebook, WHATEVER! When I say story, just plug in whatever comes to mind given your project.

Why develop a theme for the story? WE NEED FOCUS. You know it´s true, you can see it all around you in every facet of life, with most of the people you run into. People´s minds run here, then there, then here, then over there, then back here. WE BEED FOCUS!

Once we have focus, then we all know exactly what we are working on.

I suggest starting out with a simple theme of the story. And, I truly believe it is best to do this with yourself or with as many people as possible in a real live brainstorming session.

Your perspective should come from, “What is the most important message I could give to the world.” I think big, wide, broad stroke, full impact on humanity message. You think the way that you would like to think.

I am going to brainstorm right here, with myself and attempt to come up with the theme of the story.

1. Love is a good thing.

2. Hate is bad.

3. Respecting others make the world better for everyone on the planet.

4. Daily exercise is good for everyone.

5. Race does not matter, the important thing is who we are inside.

6. Girls can do anything that boys can do.

7. Don´t get married to early.

8. Reading will change your views. Changing your views will change your life in a good way.

9. Be open to change.

10. Working hard all of the time will get you far.

11. Go for your dreams no matter what anyone says.

There Ya go. I’m sure you or your group came up with a wider range, and much more important group of topics and issues, but those are example of themes.

Of course, this is the them of the story that we are developing in a group so is it is fun to take many themes and merge them with other themes.

Whatever theme you come up with, write it down, make posters, broadcast it so that everyone working on this project is very clear as to what the theme of the story is.