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Using Many Tables in One Html5 Page

Using Many Tables in One Html5 PageI’m going to tell you something. Everything you see on a web page is all illusion. The stuff you see really doesn’t look the way it appears. All of these web designers are fouling you. They use their talents using the limitations of the web to show you things that are not really there.

Everything you see on the web is in a box. Hundreds or Thousands of boxes on a page that are trying not to look like boxes. That is what a table is. One box with many boxes in that box.

With all of the rows and columns in the table box, sometimes, or most of the time, the design just doesn’t work out to create the illusion you are attempting to create. Thus, one must consider using many tables in one html page.

Using many tables in one html page can mean tables in tables, tables above or below tables, whatever. Anything you have to do to pull off your illusion.

So put on your imagination hat and watch, “Using Many Tables in One Html5 Page.”

The really bad thing about Adobe Products is that there is no “Imagination” panel.

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