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Web Safe Colors Hexadecimal Codes

Web Safe Colors Hexadecimal CodesWeb Safe Colors Hexadecimal Codes. Putting web colors on a page is easy for me. I’ve been doing it like, forever. Too many people the whole process is quite complex and can lead to big problems. When you talk about web colors, hexadecimal values, you are talking about 16,700,000 options. That is the number of colors that the human eye can see. Of course the same people that made up this number say that dogs only see in black and white so who really knows.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had meetings with clients and they say, “I want a blue background.”  I think to myself, “Which of the 500,000 shades of blue are you talking about.

Then they say, “And I want my links to be a couple of shades lighter than the background.”  Getting to understand RGB values and Hex values early in your days .of web work will do you good.

Oh, when I say web  colors, hexadecimal values, that means the color definition that looks like this, #00ff00. What the heck is that? That is called a hexadecimal value. A value not based on the base 10 system of math, but a base 16 system where 0 is the lowest value and f is the largest value. 0123456789Abcdef,,,,Like that! Zero lowest, F highest.

And when using this code to add web colors, hexadecimal values, why are the numbers/letters preceded by an octothorp? And what is an octothorp? An octothorp is the #, pound sign, hash tag, whatever, its real name is “octothorp.” You can use this for conversation at a wine sipping occasion.

So how serious are web  colors, hexadecimal values? I bet the web designers at Wells Fargo, or any major corporation have the web  colors, hexadecimal values of their web site memorized.

Anyway, See the Video, uncover the truths behind web  colors, hexadecimal values.