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What is a Responsive Web Design Media Query?

What is a Responsive Web Design Media Query?  That is the question.  The answer is very interesting.

What is a Responsive Web Design Media QueryMany people that have done their own websites for years basically use mostly Html and a little Css.  And many people have been using Html Tables for years and have not switched over to using Divs for page layout.  What I would really like to say is that Media Queries are a lot like, “If” statements.  But, if you haven’t written JavaScript or Php, or Actionscript then this would make no sense to you.  So let me try to say this in a way that would help anyone.  By the way, the video says it all very well, you may just want to click the button and watch.  I’m just writing this out to help my SEO.  I need a total of 300 words.  You might want to watch my SEO video series so you can get your site on page one of Google.

Anyway, a Media Query is created in your CSS style sheet.  You can have as many Media Queries as you would like.  Putting it in very simple terms, you first have a style sheet for your regular, desktop computer, web page.  Then, you put in Media Queries for each size of devise you want to adjust for.  If I were just to write it out without code, it would look like this;

a.  For a desktop computer, I want the page to be 2400 pixels wide.

b.  For a laptop, I want the page to be 1200 pixels wide.

c. For a tablet, I want the page to be 800 pixels wide.

d. For the Galaxy 7 Android, I the page to be 700 pixels wide in landscape more and 350 pixels wide in portrait mode.

f.  For the iPhone, Version 4, I want the page to be 200 pixels wide.

What is a Responsive Web Design Media Query?  They are sizing, content, and layout changes that you make up, given the type of devise that is being used.  

At one point, The Boston Globe wrote Media Queries for 19 different devises.  I have no clue what they do now.

Media Queries make you plan for each and every devise.  I thought for a while, “Why do all of this?”  Then I checked my Google Analytics and found out that 65% of my traffic came from cell phones.  That put me right on track.

So, watch the video and being answering the question, “What is a Responsive Web Design Media Query?”

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