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What is a WordPress Theme?

What is a WordPress Theme? Sounds like a basic question to a lot of people. And to many people the answer seems to be very simple. The truth is, the answer to the question is intricate, even complex. If you do not understand the complexities of a WordPress theme before choosing and selecting one, your web life can take the turn to WEB HELL!

What is a WordPress Theme? In a nut shell, a  theme is nothing more than a man made stew comprised up PHP, CSS, mySql, yes html and maybe some Javascript. The key phrase here is Man Made. People, men and women, write the code to make these things come to life as WordPress themes. 

The end product is like a cooked turkey at Thanksgiving dinner. If the cook, the preparer of your bird, cooked the bird the way you like it, then it is one marvelous meal. If the cook did not prepare it to your pleasure level, then the meal sucks. When the meal sucks, your whole wonderful Thanksgiving dinner is just another day of being around a large group of people that you really didn´t want to see anyway. A WordPress theme to your liking, is functional to meet your presentation needs.

There are literally at least 1,000,000 different  themes you can download and use right now. The question is, which one (s) meet your needs. What do you need in your presentation that the world is going to see, like or not like, buy from or not buy from? What is a WordPress Theme? A  theme is a combination of navigation, image presentation, video experience(s), contact options, forum interchange potentials, purchase options, alert systems and more.

The question is, of all the 1,000,000 themes out there, which cook used the ingredients that will make you happy every waking hour of the day?

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