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What is Bootstrap?

What is Bootstrap? Bootstrap is some computer, web code, a combination of html5, css3, and javascript that helps a web page show up on all internet viewing devices accordingly. What is Bootstrap? If you build a page right in with Bootstrap, then the page will show up on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and all phones so that everybody that views your page is happy and will buy your stuff.

What is Bootstrap? Bootstrap is an answer to the question, “How do I make my page responsive to all viewing devises, desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phones without me going crazy writing the code or building the site and make the page look good.”

What is Bootstrap? Bootstrap is an “Open Source,” responsive web framework system. How’s that. Some people would say it is a grid system. Whatever. The open source part is important because that means mainly that it is free. Then, on top of being free it is not owned by any person or corporation. This means that computer geeks all over the world will be solving issues that you run into and writing the code to make easy fixes so that you will not have to. Most of these fixes will be free.

What is Bootstrap? Out of the box, Bootstrap is an html file with a css, javascript, and jquery file. That´s out of the box. Most likely, this files will get you through a basic page build, but you will want more as you move beyond the basics. Or better said, your clients WILL WANT MORE. Thus the Bootstrap Plugins.

Bootstrap plugins are CSS or JS code scripts that you stick in the web folder and they make your dreams come true. Scripts that make rollovers animated. Scripts that make fish jump around on your page. Scripts that make text and images fade in as you scroll up or down the page. Most of the time these a free plugins that you will want to find, study and implement into your work flow.

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