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What is DPI in Photoshop CC?

What is DPI in Photoshop CC?What is DPI in Photoshop CC? That is a very good question. I am glad to be of service in answering your question. And thank you for visiting SillyBilly.com, one of the oldest websites on the internet.

I’m Bill the Geek. If you’ve visited my other pages, or if you have seen some of my videos, you know that I have been working with Photoshop since 1993. DPI is a concept that is very important when working with images for print work, and for web work.

In the land of print work, meaning that you are going to create something in Photoshop CC that will be printed on paper, or maybe a logo like Coca Cola, that might be printed on a business card or maybe on the side of a truck. What is DPI in Photoshop CC? The DPI for this job would be different than the DPI that you would use if you were going to place the same logo on an advertisement in the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times for Coca Cola.

In the land of print, file size, that is how many kilobytes or megabytes really does not matter. In the land of web development, file size is What is DPI in Photoshop CC?everything. File sizes that are really big on the internet can shut a website down and make the owners really upset.

Where did the image come from? What is DPI in Photoshop CC? How do you find out what is the DPI of an image that came from a scanner, a camera, a cell phone or a iPad?

In this video, “What is DPI in Photoshop CC?” I’ll share with you what to use in the land of print and what to use in the land of the web.

Also, sometimes you have images from different sources with different DPI. If you mix them into one image, some really funky things can really mess you up if you don’t understand DPI.

Drop me a line if you would like a one on one class. The contact form is right below.What is DPI in Photoshop CC?

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