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Writing A Story

You have come a long way. You have brainstormed a theme for your story. You have brainstormed a one sentence story summary. You have come up with a four sentence story summary. You have created the three parts of a story, the beginning, the middle and the end.

Now it is time for you to move ahead and start writing a story.

Actually, writing a story is more about “showing” or “expressing” your ideas. Writing is boring stuff. Showing and Expressing is big fun. When you are showing and expressing while you write, writing becomes big fun too. And more importantly, when you show and express your ideas, then your story becomes big fun for the person reading your story, or watching your video, game, or animated cartoon.

The difference between just writing a story and being boring verses showing and expressing and being exciting is very simple. Let’s try a few examples.

Writing a Story…. Here You Go.

You have character’s now. Let’s say you have Joe. Let’s say you write, “Joe is happy.” Very good. Nothing wrong with that. But let’s really show and express how happy Joe is.

How about this?

Joe ran home with a smiling while singing his favorite song as loud as he could. When he was not running, it would skip and sometimes stop and dance and look up and the moon like he was crazy. And when he walked in the door at his house he yelled, “Mom! I’m Home!”

Does that sound like a happy person?

How about this?

Kelly thought the Sun was Bright.

Kelly wiped off her forehead and then covered her eyes with her arm as she squinted looking upwards towards the blazing sun.

How about this?

Jimmy was sad.

Jimmy’s eyes tightened, his face squished, he dropped his lunch and began to cry.

How about this?

Freda was hungry.

As Freda sat on the bus that morning, she passed the donut shop. She could just taste a hot, fresh, glazy, big donut. As she looked around the bus, she saw a man eating a big, double decker cheese burger and her mouth watered. Then the bus pass Joe Joe’s Pizza Parlor and she imagined the smell of a large, thin crust, pepperoni and cheese pizza.

Alfred is late.

When the bell rang, Alfred ran right into the door and dropped all of his things. He grabbed frantically to pick most of them up, but he left a few. He ran down the hall, slipped and fell, looked at his watch, and began to run again.

There you go. There are some ways you can spice things up when you are writing a story. These are my silly examples. But think about it. All of my examples try to touch the human senses.


When I am writing a story, I try to use these in writing to help the imagination of the person reading my stories or viewing my videos.

When you write, you want to close your eyes and see what your character is doing. Then you want to add a little excitement, maybe exaggerate a bit and then write it down.

You are on your own now. Just you and your imagination.

Go For it.