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Writing the Three Parts of a Story, Part 2

In our previous episode, I shared the concepts of the beginning, middle and end of a story. Of course in writing, we create goals for our story and the characters, we create guides to help us focus and write effectively, and then we expand upon our concepts to help our readers (viewers) FEEL our characters, story line and overall message.

Now that we have an idea of how Bill writes the beginning, middle and end, it´s time to be a bit more precise. It´s time create another focus guide to help us actually write our story.

All we have thus far is ideas. Our goal is to express ourselves via words and pictures. Through all of this brainstorming and planning, we are getting closer the the part where we sit down and actually write the story WORD BY WORD BY WORD.

We are almost to that point.

Writing the Three Parts of a Story

Creating a Four Sentence Summary for the Beginning, the Middle and the End.

That´s right! We have a bit of a summary for the beginning, middle and end, but let´s help ourselves focus more by creating a guide for what happens when in each of the three parts of our story.

What we want now is to write four sentences that tell US exactly what happens in our three parts. Remember, the way I write ( not that you want to write like me ) is to have something wild, crazy, attention getting at the beginning of the story, find out the character’s goals, then put obstacles in the way of the character achieving those goals all the way along their path.

This Time I´m going to use my book, “The Last Book” as an example.

The Beginning of “The Last Book.”

1. Silly Billy hate´s to read but his mother makes him go to the library every Saturday morning.

2. On the way to the library, a big space ship takes all written materials from his town.

3. Silly Billy is very happy about that, and he goes out to have a good time now that he doesn´t have to go to the library.

4. He´s off to have a good time ( I could have ended this with three sentences, but to set a good example, I threw in #4.

The Middle of “The Last Book.”

1. Silly Billy Goes to the Baseball game but they have on rules books, thus, no fun for Silly Billy.
2. Silly Billy Goes to the Airport, but they have no charts, thus, no fun for Silly Billy.
3. Silly Billy Goes to the Carnival but they can´t put the rides together so, no fun For Silly Billy.
4. Silly Billy Goes to Juan´s house but Juan is all bummed out, so no fun for Silly Billy.

The End of “The Last Book..”

1. Silly Billy finds the last book in the city and uses it to get captured by the space girl.
2. Barb the space girl loves reading and doesn´t want to give the written materials back.
3. Barb the space girl shows Silly Billy all of the cool things she has created through reading the Magic Papers.
4. Silly Billy helps Barb the Space Girl and all of her friends have life long access to the written materials, and she gives all of the materials back. All Problems solved, The End.

Now it´s my book, and maybe I didn´t come up with the correct four sentences for each part of the story but you get the drift.

Rules are made to be broken when it comes to writing (expressing yourself through words and imagery) so a broke a couple above.

Hopefully you get the point.

With the Guides we have created for ourselves thus far;

The Theme

The One Sentence Story Summary

The Four Sentence Story Summary

The Basic Beginning, Middle and End of the Story

The Four Sentence Summary for each of the 3 parts.

Now we are ready to write the story WORD, BY WORD, BY WORD.